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4st 7lb is the threshold to death. It is said to be the weight at which no human can live any more.

speckle @ 14:55 PM Mar 1616


"Karen says I've reached my target weight - Kate and Emma and Kristin know it's fake - problem is diets not a big enough word." This refers to Kate Moss, Kristin McMenamy and Emma Balfour who were popular models. And Karen Krizanovich who an Agony aunt for Sky Magazine."

namtax @ 16:58 PM Mar 1616


The song is about anorexia. "Every word of that is Richey's, and it's pretty autobiographical. Any association with self-abuse and self-control is quite romantic in a naive sort of way, but obviously, the reality of anorexia is much worse than the idea. [Nicky Wire] http://bit.ly/9b6SQB

speckle @ 14:14 PM Jul 1010